Remembering Morris Gordon

When Al Gordon was a freshman in college, he heard a knock at his dorm room door. It was a fellow student.

Longtime Price Center friend and Humanity House founder Morris Gordon with his beloved wife, Ellen

“Are you related to Morris Gordon?” the young man asked.

The student went on to say how he used to caddy at Belmont Country Club, where Al’s dad Morris had been a member – and a mentor to the young people who worked there. The young man said Morris Gordon told him countless times: “Make sure you study and get good grades and go to college.”

The young man said he had been inspired by those words to get where he was. At an Ivy League school. On full scholarship.

“He just had a tremendous affect on people, without a lot of noise or fanfare,” Al Gordon said. “After he died, people came to the house and told me story after story of how they were going through a difficult time and he was there for them.”

Morris Gordon passed away on Feb. 6 at age 85. He and his wife Ellen were one of the founding families who established Humanity House, a group residence in his native Brookline where his son William is a resident.

After The Price Center took over administration of Humanity House, Morris Gordon became an enthusiastic supporter of the agency – especially the Annual Gala – and a tireless advocate for the rights of the disabled. Friends say the combination of his terrific sense of humor, genuine warmth, and sincerity was infectious.

“He was a mentor, a friend – so many things,” said Price Center Board member and longtime neighbor Dan Frank. “He was so good at getting his friends to contribute and being a major advocate for the work of The Price Center. Just couldn’t say no to the man – he was so very, very sincere.”