ASCENT (Advocacy, Social Skills, Career Exploration, Networking and Transitions) is an afternoon program that empowers young people with developmental disabilities to overcome barriers to post-secondary employment, independence and individual success.

Serving teens and young adults, from age 16 to age 30, ASCENT helps young participants transition to independent living and post-secondary education and employment.

Young people enrolled in ASCENT meet up to four afternoons each week to work on concrete life skills, such as cooking, self-care, shopping and personal finance, that prepare them to be more independent in their adult lives. Each instructional module is supported by immersive community experiences that allow young adults to practice specific life skills in community settings.

ASCENT augments its practical life-skills curriculum with a highly interactive and mentor-supported focus on pragmatic social skills. Conversational and interpersonal skills, cooperation, conflict management and self-regulation are taught, then practiced and reinforced through weekly meetings, workplace visits and shared experiences with mentors and peers. Interactions with business professionals during workplace excursions help young adults learn the skills and standards of professional conduct and professional communication in real-life contexts.

Practice in community life settings, opportunities for career exploration and ongoing feedback and support from committed mentors and peers allow youth in the ASCENT program to form supportive friendships that enhance their social and professional competencies.

Want an update on how the ASCENT program is doing? See our most recent Internal Review and Satisfaction Survey results.

For more information on this afternoon program please email Karen Manning at or call 617-332-7477 ext. 6001. To find out how to get involved as a volunteer, supporter or program sponsor, contact The Price Center. We welcome your interest!