The mission of the Price Center is to support people with developmental disabilities by encouraging personal growth and participation in the community through social, living, and work experiences that respect individual preference and diversity.

For more than thirty years, people with disabilities and their families from throughout the greater Boston area have relied on The Price Center for residential, day habilitation and employment programs that foster clients’ self-confidence and maximize their physical, emotional and intellectual capabilities.

WorksmartThe Price Center began in 1977 by offering vocational services to disabled adults in Newton, Massachusetts. The Center’s first day habilitation program was launched in Dedham in 1987. Ten years later, The Price Center began its residential programs, taking ownership of Humanity House in Brookline in 1997. Over the course of the ensuing decade, The Price Center opened three additional residences, expanded its day habilitation program to Newton and established a robust employment services program, also in Newton. Several new initiatives began in 2007, including the Business Advisory Committee, to help The Price Center place individuals in community-based employment. Representatives from NSTAR Electric, O’Hara’s, Blue Cross Blue Shield, The City of Newton, and Verizon meet quarterly to advise and assist in the placement of clients into full and part-time jobs. After-school and family support programs have also been added in recent years.

Throughout its history, The Price Center has continually adapted to the needs of its constituents and the local communities it serves. Today, we collaborate with several partner organizations to take full advantage of community resources and encourage the fullest possible community integration for our clients. At The Price Center, we work tirelessly to broaden the impact of our work and to extend the scope of our service. Our aim is simple: to assure and maximize the safety, well-being, dignity, rights and options of the people we serve.

Our Vision

We will be a model service organization in which individuality and choices for people shape the expansion, diversification and innovation of our community based services.  We will have a very strong reputation for maintaining professional and integrated work environments, successful outcomes, quality performance and for a caring, dedicated, educated and skilled staff.  Through collaborative efforts to provide excellent, flexible and creative services, we will meet the ever-changing needs of people with disabilities.

Our Values

We are committed to offering persons with developmental and physical disabilities the same life and employment opportunities as their non-disabled peers.  We believe that each person has the ability to acquire functional skills through instructional methodologies.  Emphasis will be placed on problem solving skills that allow individuals to exercise control over their lives and communicate personal preference across a wide variety of situations.  We have learned from experience that a quality program is made possible by a cadre of staff who are provided with a supportive and dynamic environment which is rich with training opportunities.